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We have been in existence since the early 1950s and  the allotments provided a place for Betteshanger miners who, after finishing a dirty and dark shift down the pit could come up and go to their allotments to enjoy the fresh air,  openness and sunshine. Allotments like ours were common where the coal mines existed throughout the country. Nowadays there are only a few ex -miners alive working them.


A full lineup, then they are off! A fantastic fundraising idea and a great way to spend the evening, with fellow club members. We are looking for pool and dart players to make up teams to enter the local leagues. Please get in contact with us if you are interested.


Today we grow the usual vegetables, flowers and fruit but we are seeing a change in the types of produce because of climate change. Grapes, aubergines and other vegetables. When we have an excess of produce we sell them at the coffee mornings at the Sports Club. We sell them at a lower than shop price and receive complements for the quality.


Our allotments have been in existence for over 70 yrs. And we will ensure we pass them over to the next generation to continue for another 70yrs. Not with miners of course but hopefully with the miner’s ethos of looking after each other in a community. 

Bill Martin

Chair Gardening Association

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